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Seating and Desk Options


Sit at the window café counter, work side-by-side at a community tables, or hunker down at a desk with privacy dividers and monitors for expanded viewing. For more casual working, or a coffee break, relax in one of our comfortable leather lounge chairs.



Filtered cold and hot water, gourmet coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, tea, and hot chocolate. In addition, we provide members with complimentary snacks, such as pastries from local bakeries.

Meeting Rooms


Two private rooms that each seat up to six people. Each is equipped with mark-up walls, individual hard-wired phone lines, and 42” HD Monitors with VGA hookups for presentations.

Private Bathrooms


Separated individual restrooms for complete privacy.

Oficio Office Equipment


Three private booths for phone conversations, to keep the noise in the community space to a minimum and to protect your discussion.

Oficio Networking


Oficio will help arrange the event you want in our space. Visit our Pricing page for more information.

Supporting Local Artists

Oficio is proud to support the Boston arts community by rotating work from local artists on our walls. In addition, we host various events for the arts community throughout the year.  To view photos of past and present artwork displayed at Oficio, visit our facebook page.  The artists listed below currently have work on display.                  -------                   

Nathan Fried-Lipski /

My camera, hammer and nails are the tools that enable me to communicate my experiences and memories to others. These items easily enable me to connect my thoughts and heart with others seeking to bring the beauty and joy of art into their lives. The resources I work with - namely wood, metal, birds and people in the midst of daily life – come to me with layers of past purpose and meaning. My work adds depth to their already rich history. The final piece, be it a bird house that will function as a sanctuary for new life, or a photo which will assure a particular moment will never be forgotten, is a continuation of the life of the materials and subjects.

Bob Packert /

Packert’s passion for photography began while achieving a BA in Fine Art and Graphic Design. As a fashion and lifestyle photographer and director, his creativity takes a concept through to a contemporary style that solidifies any story line. Working from concept through to final imagery, Packert enjoys assembling a creative team who share the same passion and attention to detail he exhibits. Packert holds a strong appreciation for graphic and textural art and often features an unexpected twist within his imagery. He has won numerous awards and been published in; Communication Arts, Art Directors Club of NY, Graphis Photo Annual and Tokyo One to name a few.


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